Elevating healthcare through artificial intelligence

We are a team of healthcare and technology experts dedicated to improving the lives of healthcare professionals and patients through the power of artificial intelligence.
Our AI assistant is designed specifically for hospitals, and is used to automate daily repetitive work for hospital staff, doctors, and nurses.


Fadi photo

Fadi Haddad

Founder & CEO
Prior to Health Force, Fadi was the Head of Business Development at Medicus.ai where he experienced first hand the inefficiencies that providers suffer from and the potential savings that new technologies provide.

Dr. Juan Suarez

Co-founder & COO
Physician and data engineer, Juan combines medical and technical knowledge. Before Health Force, Juan was the Chief Data Officer at Teladoc France and has a background as a practicing physician.


Benedikt photo

Benedikt Eckhard

VP of Engineering, Tricentis
Extensive experience in setting up, growing, and enabling agile teams to build the best enterprise and automation solutions.
Mert Photo

Mert Öz

Director of Product, Nuance
14 years experience in healthcare AI technologies with speciality in natural language processing, software engineering, connectivity, and business model innovation.