Transforming Healthcare with Automation & AI

Health Force offers AI Agents developed specifically to automate daily administrative tasks at hospitals in Europe
No Software Changes
Deployed in Weeks

Save Time

AI Agents free up hospital staff from doing the daily repetitive tasks

Save Costs

Automation reduces operational costs and improves hospital bottom line

Reduce Errors

Digitising processes reduces the risk of mistakes and improves accuracy

Streamline Administrative Work

Health Force AI Agents are designed to help hospitals streamline and automate a wide range of back office tasks, including scheduling, billing, and procurement
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Streamline Processes
Improve Efficiency
Improve Accuracy
Reduce Paper

Enhance Patient Experience

Health Force AI Agents enhance the patient experience by automating front desk tasks such as appointment scheduling, and insurance verification
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Customized Interactions
Faster Service Delivery
Digital Front Door
Improved Experience


We enable hospitals to access the benefits of AI by offering our AI Agents on performance basis, ensuring ROI and making it a cost-effective and scalable solution
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No Setup Fees
No Hidden Fees
Continuous Optimization

Getting Started


AI Readiness Assessment (Free)

We assess your hospital readiness for AI Agents and identify the workflows where AI Agents would be most beneficial

AI Agent Implementation

We configure our AI Agents to integrate with your hospital existing systems and workflows, and ensure a smooth transition to automation

Continuous Optimisation

We continually analyze the ROI generated by our AI Agents and expand their use to additional processes to maximize efficiency and cost savings

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